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May 24, 2007


mrs wibbs

Oh my dear friend...
You know I continue to pray for you. It is so true that life is such a complex cocktail of highs and lows, happy times and sadder ones. But in life you are NOT alone! That is a fundamental truth, because God is your Immanuel.
Happy 'Blogiversary'!! Your blog is truly delightful, and oozes the lovely, living fragrance of Jesus; and it is always with pleasure that I stop by.
All my love and prayers to you xxx

L.L. Barkat

I'm so very sorry. This sounds like a difficult time...I wonder if you have any sense of why you are angry or sad. In my own life, I've found these two emotions to be intimately connected. If I refuse to cry, I get angry. In either case, I find them to be God-given red flags to say "something is wrong." I will pray that you find the source of the wrong so you can open it up to God's tender healing hand.

Amy W.

Hey there my beautiful cousin!!!! I completely understand you, believe me, I do. I think I need to write you a letter now :-) Put me in the drawing!!!!!


Keep your chin up! Life is tough!! And maybe next Thursday, you can come enjoy downtown with me at Freiman Square Family Fun Nights! (There is ton of stuff to do for the adults - no children needed:)! Hopefully, Peter can be home with the little ones for an evening. Jodi


Precious Miriam, your words, ‘what’s wrong with me’ speak so clearly of the brokenness we all inherited. When our view of who we wish we were collides with whom we really are, broken and bruised, disappointment and grief are natural responses. What I’m experiencing lately is that worship is the doorway for healing, especially from those places where we feel stuck. When we feel like we can’t seem to move forward, and going back is too painful, we can worship right where we are. This is what I am going to pray for you…that you will turn to worship for healing and direction.

Sara Harvey

I wish I had all the right words to make everything better, but suffice to say I love you so much, and know God will see you through. Call me if you ever need a baby-sitter for the afternoon, or even better, want to take the kids to a park for a picnic!


May He be a balm for your soul. Soothing, healing. I will pray for that, and for the unknown decisions.
I can relate. At times I struggle with the same emotions you have as well. I am learning,slowly, just how to find and have His joy. I hope you can, too.
Happy Blogiversary!!
You were one of the first people to comment on my blog and give me the encouragement I needed. I love your blog, your quiet, reflective place.
Lifting you up, sister...friend.


Thanks, everyone, for the love and wisdom... I appreciate knowing that I'm not alone.


Yes - LIVE! I love that you did that - such a tangible reminder in a simple way - we all need to hear that.
I'm still praying for you, friend - I know I've been out of contact lately, but I'm back - I think! ;)
Thank you for the contest - so fun!


My son helped me draw a name yesterday, and the winner is... Elise! Elise, if you could just email me your mailing address, that would be great.

I just want to respond a little more to the comments you all made, too - I really appeciated all your care.

Mrs. Wibbs - Yes, life is a mix isn't it? I am so thankful that the Lord does draw near to us and that we are never truly alone. For me, the trick is getting my feelings in line with that truth.

L.L. - It's true for me, too, that anger and grief are often intermingled, and I agree that they can be God-given signs of what's going on deep down. I'm pretty aware of the things that get me stirred up, and these days I'm trying to find the tools to learn how to cope better when the emotions are in an uproar. I guess part of my questions right now also have to do with wondering if there is some sort of chronic condition I'm dealing with that lies beneath the circumstantial upheaval.

Amy - Hi, *my* beautiful cousin. You know, I think we are from the same tree. :)

Jodi - Thanks for the encouragement, friend. I'm sorry that Thurs. didn't work out, but it sounds really nice to get together sometime soon!

Carol - Thanks for sharing your experience... yes!... I sense that the Lord has been calling me to deeper worship in these things too, so your words were a good confirmation for me. Worship is such a gift, isn't it?

Sara - You are so sweet! I have an idea... I will call you sometime. :)

Andrea - Thank you for your prayers, and your kind words.

And Elise - Tangible reminders are the best kind for me. And no worries here about contact... I hope all is well with you.


hi, this is the first time I've seen your blog; I really love it. Just wanted to tell you that I feel the same way so many days; spending time with the Lord first thing in the morning definitely helps me and then having devotions with the kids at breakfast gets us all on the right track for the day, but I think my hormones play a big part in all of the crazy emotions of feeling sad or angry for me. I have found that the right amount of certain vitamins helps me--GNC has these Mega Women's vitamins that have helped. Just a thought. I'll be praying for you.

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