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March 21, 2007



Beautiful, and homey. I like the glimpse into your home in the back... thanks for sharing.

Angela Giles Klocke

I think it's very pretty! Welcome to WW!


Welcome to WW. I think your picture is great. :)


Beautiful roses! My camera is pretty new too & I'm having a blast experimenting with it. I look forward to future posts!


Beautiful! I'm using WW to improve my photography skills. Hopefully no thumbs!

mrs wibbs

That's such a lovely picture. Who got you those gorgeous roses?? I'm jealous *grump* Your home looks really welcoming, and, dare I say it, 'fragrant'...!!
Beautiful. Between Andrea's 'corners' and your new 'WWs', I am feeling really inspired :o)


Mrs. Wibbs, the roses are from my husband. :) May some come your way very soon! ;)


Love your photo. It reminds me of you-- certainly not flashy but full of class and purely beautiful.

Amy W.



Lovely Miriam,
Someone sent this to me and I thought I'd share it with you ~
Miriam is the one Mary of the Old Testament and her name prefigures that of Our Blessed Mother.

-She is the sister of Moses, who is the liberator of the chosen people.
Miriam is close to the work of Moses, she is even allowed to come to the tent of meeting. All this prefigures Our Lady’s Coredemption, working close with the liberator of all humanity.

-Miriam is also linked to the supreme lawgiver of the OT, foreshadowing Christ, the ultimate lawgiver and fulfiller.
-Miriam is sister of high priest Aaron, who prefigures Christ the Great High Priest.

-Miriam is also a prophetess who offers a canticle of praise after the Exodus, which foreshadows Mary’s Magnificant making her Queen of the prophets.

-Miriam also mediates for the mediator before he becomes in action the mediator, by following the baby Moses going down the Nile. Her presence close to the Egyptian princess allows Moses to be nursed by his own mother. Mary as well mediates for the mediator by her fiat, giving to the world its Savior!


Oh, isn't making up fun? ;)
Lovely roses, and perfect title, Miriam!

mrs wibbs

Miriam - a little post-scriptum, a few days later: my lovely husband, out of nowhere, came home with some exquisite white tulips on Saturday evening...!!!!
Maybe I should have a bit of a 'grump' to my online friends more often, it certainly did the trick this time :)
SO, will be posting a similar picture on Wednesday, as I like the idea of WW's and am in a copying mood at the moment, as you well know!


I'm visiting because Elise linked here in her post. Anyone Elise would link to is someone I'd like to read! :)

Beautiful picture, but my *favorite* part is peeking into your home in the background! (Love the table, love the corner hutch!) I can tell you have good taste. More pictures, please!



I bestowed you a little "Thinking Blogger Award"--come check it out!!

L.L. Barkat

ah, just the thing for a tender, aching soul...

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