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January 11, 2007



This looks sweet! I'll have to put in a request for it.
I love that you and your husband read together - my hubby and I are working through "Life Together" by Dietrich Boenhoeffer, and it is a precious time.


I"m on my third time thru this book! I'm reading it to the girls. There are so many incredible 'sound-bites', as you so aptly recorded in this post. I hope I'm raising my own brood of Stargirls. Glad you liked it!


"Life Together" - oh, what a good one to dig through with you husband. It does take some work to read that one and absorb it, doesn't it?

I think your girls are the "starriest". And their mama is also with her kind and giving heart. :) Thanks for the recommendation!


That's a great idea to read together! Maybe we'll try that too. And this book is a must try as well ~ sweet, but rich. Thanks for the tips!



Thank you for your kind comment on my blog--I look forward to reading *your* thoughts on disinterested love--there's so much more that could be said.

I really like your blog--we have some similar taste in music, Michael Card is my favorite artist, and I've been listening to the David Crowder Band and Sarah McLachlan as well. I've added you to my bloglines :)


Kira, hope you enjoy your with your husband if you do read together!

Lydia,thank you for stopping by...an honor. :) I'm not sure if I'll get to that post tonight like I'd hoped(baby's restless), but hopefully sometime in the next few days. Michael Card is great, isn't he? He's been one of my favorite artists for years.

mrs wibbs

Miriam, you must stop doing this: tempting me with books and music which I don't yet own...
This one sounds like one of these little jewels one comes across every so often. Must get it, must read it :-) !!
Anyway, this is also to say that I've tagged you. Sorry.
Can't wait to read your answers though. Hope baby is more settled?

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