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January 03, 2007


Amy W.

you write the best stuff. happy soon-to-be birthday!!! and Happy New Year!


You've got a good pile of books going here! Is this your book list? I'd love to see all of it.

And..when is your birthday might I add? :)


Hey, Amy! Aw shucks...thank you. I think I'll head over to my email account after this to write you - it's been too long!

Andrea, some of the books in the pile are ones I want to read sometime soon (the biblical feasts and dance books), some I'm presently reading, some are ones I've finished and haven't found a spot for yet (we could use more book cases!), and some I'd pulled out for reference and never put away. One way or another they just always seem to pile up there at my bedside. :)

As far as my list for the new year goes, it's a little sketchy, but I know I'd like to read some of Edith Schaeffer's work (on being a wife and mother), some N.T. Wright (a great theological thinker), Secrets in the Dark by Frederick Buechner, and I'd also like to check out Stepping Heavenward, which you've recommended. Want to read some things about the emergent, missional church. There's a number of fictional and poetical works I'd like to read also...boy am I rambling...maybe I'll try to put together a list and post it sometime soon. As you can see, my desires don't necessarily match my present capacity - ah, well.

My birthday is January 28th. :)


Yes, my desires don't match my capacity, either--especially when it comes to books!!
Yes, I'd love to see your list.


I wrote that E.Elliot quote in my journal years ago when I had 3 under 3 years and I thought I'd never feel like a human again...much like a functioning grown up. I reread it all the time. I think a lot of my writing today (not that it's great) comes out of those years of reading and thinking when I barely had time for anything else.


Thank God for writers like Elisabeth Elliot and Elizabeth Prentiss. They are who I read when I find a moment to breathe.

mrs wibbs

Think I'll try and make a note of your birthday, then post you one of my very own semi-French/semi-British homemade cards!!
I LOVE reading too, although like you, the idea of it and intention to get on with it usually clash with the reality of being a busy Mum of 3 young boys and wife of a busy hubby...Very frustrating!
Recently I have been very blessed by 'Captivating' by J Eldredge, and we are also studying it as a small group of women on a friday morning; greatly recommended...
I also have an enormous pile of half-read treasures by my bed-side, and have to be content, for the time being, with just dipping in and out of them as and when the opportunity arises.
Tiredness is another intention-killer, and I often find myself nodding off after only a few lines - or pages if I'm doing well...! Sad isn't it?!
Anyway this coming year, I'm wanting to - and hoping to - commit more time to reading more of the Word of God, if I can't manage anything else, and I'd also really like to explore 'Prayer' by Yancey.
Had never heard of E. Elliot before...so might have a search on Amazon for her stuff, what is the best title to get if you had to chose any one?
But thanks the encouragement and subtle 'kick up the backside' to read more; again, I'll let you know how I go...:-)


WOW...you had three under three? How inspiring - you've come through quite well! ;)

I'm really looking forward to reading E. Prentiss's book - I had never heard of her until recently.

mrs. wibbs,
Your cards are so striking...that would be quite an honor. :)

I read Captivating last year and really liked it. To do it with a group of women sounds really neat...I've been thinking lately of how much I'd love to do a book or Bible study with a group of women.

I know what you mean about tiredness - if I'm not nodding off, my mind is drifting at bedtime.

Elisabeth Elliot - she's great. She was the wife of a missionary who was martyred in Ecuador in the 50's. She then went back to live with the tribe who killed her husband. A.maz.ing. You can read their story in Through Gates of Splendor. Her devotional book Keep a Quiet Heart (which I'm reading right now), is quite good. She also has an online daily devotional: http://www.elisabethelliot.org/devotional.html


*grin* you should see me know with 14, 13, and 12 this year. aiyiyi!

mrs wibbs

Thanks for the link, will read the stuff on E. Elliot properly - 'when I have the time' :o) ha, that's the story of my life! And from the sounds of it, I don't think I should expect it to get any better any time in the near future. Humph.
Maybe I'll just get on with it, then, instead of wasting time whining about not having enough time.
But there is so much to do, to read, so many cards to make, cakes to bake - and don't even get me started on the laundry, the cleaning, the homework...Aaaaargh!! Where to start?!?!

Mmmm, I think I'll go and read the Bible ;o)


Tonia - 14, 13, and 12 - oh my! I'm sure it's an adventure! Grace and peace to you. :)

Mrs. Wibbs,
I know - It's hard for me to know where to start when everything's calling to be done. Yes, it's good to turn to the Word when that overwhelmed feeling comes! I need to do so more often.

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