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May 25, 2006


Erika Balyo

This is great! Thanks for sharing. I can't wait to see pictures... and when are you due? Congratulations!


I agree, that's really cool, Miriam! I'm looking forward to checking it frequently. How often do you plan to update it?

Jake K.

Thank you Miriam for sharing this with me. Good way to get to know you more personally. You say your blog is inadequate, but I disagree. It comes from you, and conveys your feelings, and is therefore valid and not broken.

With love for you and your family!!

betsy will

Hi Miriam,
It is so good to read your thoughts and will remind me to pray for you all the more often. I'm the one who gave you the calligraphy picture of your name, done by my friend and I think you are right about the meaning thing. After all look who God chose to be Jesus' mother..A mary too! and look how many of his friends and disciples had that name. it is a delight to hear from your heart. I too long to sit at His feet and bring joy to his heart.


Miriam -

Wonderful start! I'm so glad you're starting a blog.

Blessings to you and you're creative adventure!


It looks wonderful, Miriam. Thank you for sharing.

I just finished Capitivating. Loved it!


Love it!! I'm so glad you're doing this! When ARE you due?? I just found out you were pregnant a couple of weeks ago!


Hi, guys! Thanks for taking the time to comment and encourage me in this. It's a small thrill to get my first comments. :o) It was so good to hear from each of you.

Now to answer your questions and comments:

Erika, Hi!!! The baby is due the beginning of November. I'm almost to the half-way mark!

Steve, I think I'm going to try to post once or twice a week, but I s'pose it could be less if things get really busy. You know how life with kids goes. :o)

Jacob, I think I might post sometime soon on that phrase "broken and inadequate" because I borrowed it from somewhere.

Aunt Betsy, I treasure that calligraphy picture. I think Uncle John made the frame for it also?

Amy and Kim, I noticed that you guys have blogs too... I had fun checking those out!

Deb, Does the format for my blog look slightly familiar? I hope you don't mind I imitated yours because I really like how you have it set up. :o)

Becky Smith

Hi Miriam,
It's Becky (Feldscher) Smith! I happened to look at my parents' email stuff and saw that you had pictures of your ultrasound on your blog... oh it was such a humongous encouragement to read through what you've written so far. Your way with words is absolutely beautiful. Really. Just so you know, fragrance-wise, the whiff that you always sent my way growing up was that of gentleness. I have always admired that about you. Your gift of writing and art is calming. Take care! Hope to someday get together again....

Love to you all -- Becky Smith (family as a reminder is Eric, Ben, Ethan, Jasmine, and Carter :)


Hi, Becky! It's so good to hear from you! I'm glad you enjoyed my blog. It's been fun to try to write again. Thanks also for the kind encouragement. We would love to see you guys sometime too. You must be so busy with the little ones. Perhaps I can get some tips from you on life with four. :)


Hello Miriam. I stumbled on to your blog from another blog...Holy I really enjoyed reading your blog and looking at the beautiful pictures. I am a stay at home mom and blogs are a highlight to my day. I look forward to browsing it more in the future. Blessings to you!


Hi, Jannell. It was so nice to receive your comment. I so enjoy the "window" out into the world that blogs provide for me, too. I look forward to getting to know you a bit should you stop by again. :)


Hi Miriam,

Thanks so much for visiting my blog and sharing your thoughts in response to my post. I chose to read this introductory post on your blog as my first stop in exploring "you." I love what I have found here!! Such beautiful thoughts, and so beautifully expressed. I love the stories of the special ladies who met Jesus (the Mary you mentioned, the Mary who sat at his feet, the woman with the issue of blood, the woman at the well, and the list goes on and one). I especially loved reading about your disillusionment over your name's meaning (because of what it revealed about your personality and what you value), and also how you came to have peace with it.

In all, I'm glad to have met you and look forward to more enjoyment on your blog!




It is a pleasure to "meet" you as well... I so appreciate your kind and thoughtful comments here (very encouraging to me to have an editor say such things about my humble writing. :)).

Erika Balyo

Hi Miriam,

I so enjoy your posts and was so happy to see your picture! You look just as sweet and young as you did in 1994! I have been looking for your current email address, but can't seem to find it! I just wanted to invite you to my new-ish blog.
Too bad Wyoming and Indiana aren't a touch closer! I'd love to get together for lunch! :) Erika Balyo

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